Aces & Dolls

20 x Master Sculpting Forms (Extreme to Salon Length)

Aces & Dolls

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Finally the sculpting form you have been waiting for!!

These strong but highly flexible forms are layered with aluminium to produce a very sturdy form which keeps its shape without easily creasing or moving. 

The form has a full sculpting length of 5.6cm for extreme length. Perfect for competing or display work, and has a perforated end section which can be carefully torn away for salon length sculpting giving you the best of both worlds.

The removable centre has the perfect shape for clients with a high hyponychium, and cut out horns to ensure a tight, slim fit, which is comfortable for your client. Use the diagonal cutting guides to snip for an even slimmer, tighter c curve.  

This form does it all!! 

Width: 8.5cm

Length: 9cm

Extension length: 6cm

Available in packs of 20 and rolls of 500

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