Aces & Dolls Brand Ambassadors

Aces & Dolls Brand Ambassador

If you would like to become a brand ambassador, please contact Aces & Dolls for more information. Earn Rewards. Conditions Apply.

Here is a list of our brand ambassadors:-

Amy Mitchell

Amy MitchellI have been a trained nail tech since 2015, working at Eye Candy Nails, Rotherham.

I was drawn to becoming a nail tech because of the nail art and design side of the industry. I love to keep up to date with all the latest designs and trends. My favourite techniques are acrylic design and freehand nail art as it allows me artistic freedom to create unique nail designs.

Nicola Senior

Nicola SeniorI have been a Nail Technician since 2009 and work at Eye Candy in Rotherham. The thing I love about the industry is that there is always something new to learn, and someone new to learn from. I have competed in Nail Competitions and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd and many 4ths!

I love working with acrylic, and have a real passion for structure.