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Flexifinger 2 fingers and a stand 

Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED range of Flexifinger training aids. 

Now with large 6.5cm, super strong lockable suction base, and a fully adjustable stand.  The amazing new base grips to any shiny surface, and stays put through even the most rigorous filing.

The new base allows you to adjust the height and angle of the Flexifinger, and tighten to lock into place.

Each finger screws onto the stand, and has a flat base so it wont roll around in the gel lamp or onto your wet nail art! 

The ease of the manoeuvrable, flexible, realistic silicone training finger allows students and technicians to practice new techniques independently without the need for a model, the design prevents the nail bed from moving allowing anyone using it to quickly and easily improve their proficiency, confidence and technical abilities.

Any universal full well size 3 ultraform tip can be inserted to mimic the nail plate and the Flexifinger is able to be used for any nail enhancement service.

One of the images shows how far the tip slides in. Filing what would be the natural nail on a full well tip shows how far the nail tip sits to hold secure on a Flexifinger. 

  • Flexifingers can be used in gel lamps, the 2 fingers solution is great, so 1 finger can be curing in the lamp, while practising on the other finger on the stand.
  • Flexifinger builds confidence, speed and excellence in Nail Artistry.
  • Flexifinger is practical and the nail stays in place when being used.
  • Flexifinger is one of a kind, unlike other products on the market.
  • Flexifinger is realistic to an actual finger in size, touch and feel.
  • Flexifinger can be used with any universal nail tech product on the market.
  • Flexifinger is very portable, can be to taken to College or home.
  • Flexifinger is easy to clean off any product over spill.

When using sculpting forms if you find that your forms don't stay stuck onto the finger, wrap a piece of micropore tape or plaster tape around the finger, just behind the cuticle edge!

YouTube demonstration of Flexifinger (old style design no longer available)

An alternative to the flexifinger is the flexihand

Aces & Dolls/Eye Candy Nails is an official stockist of Flexifingers/Flexihand.


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