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Marble Art Ink

Aces & Dolls

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Create stunning, complex looking designs quickly and easily with absolutely NO SKILL REQUIRED!

Available in 10 colours Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Jade, Brown, Blue, Pink and Purple.

To prepare the nail, apply 2 coats of gel polish colour, top coat, cure and wipe. Apply the Marble Art Ink in 2 or 3 diagonal lines (or randomly if you choose!) and blend out using the Clear Blooming Ink.

If you need something with a little more precision, use a detailer brush to blend out, pushing the edge of the ink out to create a marble design.

Try 2 or 3 colours for a tie dye effect, or add highlights of Metallic Art Ink to create dimension and depth.

Colours shown over White base, but try different colour bases to achieve 100s of variations!

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