Salon Shapes and Structure - Online Facebook Course

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Salon Shapes and Structure - Online Facebook Course

Ever wondered how some nail techs can produce nails that look simply flawless? The answer is simply correct shaping, structure and consistency.

The Salon Shape & Structure Online Facebook Course will teach you in detail what structures to look for, where to place them, how to build them and what functions they perform.  Our comprehensive shaping plan will help you to perfect your chosen shape, and recreate it easily and consistently, creating beautiful, elegant nails which will be strong and long lasting.

Learn the following shapes:-

  • Square
  • Almond
  • Ballerina
  • Coffin

Course taught by Elaine Moore, Educator and Director of Aces & Dolls.

Skill Level - All levels, Beginner to Experienced

Duration of video approx. 2hrs 45mins

Learn in the comfort of your own surroundings and at your own pace.


When you purchase the course, you will be added to a private Facebook Group, where you can work through the course at your leisure.  You will have lifetime access to the group, where you can refer back to the videos, ask for help and speak directly to Elaine for feedback or advice. 

Learn about the correct structure for the most popular salon nail shapes. See how to fit tips and forms, to produce each shape correctly and consistently.

Watch Elaine work in real time, as she talks through everything you need to produce high quality, next level work to set you apart from your competitors.

 Once you have practiced and are confidently building the shapes, simply drop us a message via the Facebook group page and send pictures of your work.  Feedback will be given, and once we are happy with your results a certificate can be issued. 

The group is constantly monitored. We offer a strict no bullying policy, and offenders will be removed from the group immediately. 



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